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5 Creative Uses For Reclaimed Fence Wood

5 Creative Uses for Reclaimed Fence Wood

Here at The Antique Broker, we’ve completely fallen in love with the aesthetic and sustainability of reclaimed fence wood. Because Denver is currently in the middle of a real estate boom, new homes and buildings are being demolished every day to make room for new construction. Lucky for us, this results in an influx of salvaged materials- especially fence wood!

Why use reclaimed fence wood?

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Our love of reclaimed fence wood comes from our appreciation of its modern yet rustic style (it’s the perfect aesthetic combination!), our commitment to sustainability through repurposing materials others have discarded (it’s eco-friendly!), and the simplicity of application for builders and DIY-ers of all levels (it’s easy!).

Reclaimed fence wood is typically quite lightweight, so just about anyone can move it, lift it, and work with it! As long as you have some basic tools (ideally a pin nailer) and the ability to sand down rough edges (we recommend grabbing an affordable electric sander like this one), you can work with fence wood! As opposed to most reclaimed barn wood, which is much harder to come by, fence wood is typically more affordable and accessible, which is certainly an added bonus.

Beyond that, we just love having the ability to give new life and new potential to salvaged materials like reclaimed fence wood. Nothing breaks our hearts like seeing a heap of construction “garbage” (translation: treasure) being taken to the dump without a second thought. The first owners may be done using the wood, but that’s no reason for its journey to end there! After all, this fence wood spent years growing into strong, beautiful trees before being harvested- we might as well make the most of that!

Where can I find reclaimed fence wood for my project?

From us, of course! Our team is constantly on the lookout for high quality fence wood that’s no longer being used. In fact, our resident lumber expert Chris has been known to jump into dumpsters from time to time when he spots a gem. It takes some effort, expertise, and enthusiasm, but it’s worth it when happy customers send us photos of their finished projects!

Feel free to stop in at The Antique Broker to browse our reclaimed fence wood selection, or order it online in bundles to suit your needs! We sell reclaimed fence wood in multiple colors and finishes, but the original/natural look is the most popular.

What kinds of projects can I use reclaimed fence wood for?

The only limit is your imagination! Our customers primarily use reclaimed fence wood for accent walls in their homes, but it can be used to add a unique twist to just about any room or project! Below you’ll find our top five favorite uses for reclaimed fence wood, but please feel free to add suggestions and ideas in the comments section!

Next time you stop in to see us at The Antique Broker, be sure to ask for Chris and he’ll help you pick out the perfect reclaimed fence wood for your planet-friendly home decor project!

#1: Reclaimed Fence Wood Accent Walls

Fence wood accent walls are certainly becoming the most popular use of reclaimed fence wood, as more and more creative DIY homeowners discover its magic. Weathered fence wood, whether painted or left in its original condition, immediately transforms the feel of any room. There is plenty of inspiration to be found on our Accent Wall Pinterest Board, but these are some of our favorite looks:




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#2: Reclaimed Fence Wood Headboards

We love the way a reclaimed wood headboard elevates the feel of a bedroom. This kind of modern rustic touch is especially appreciated by people who rent out rooms or homes through services like Airbnb, because the updated photos make the rental space look all that more special and inviting! For headboards, you’ll obviously want to find pre-sanded fence wood or sand the fence wood meticulously yourself. Get some bedroom inspiration from these reclaimed looks:

reclaimed fence wood headboard

reclaimed fence wood headboard white

reclaimed fence wood pallet headboard inspiration

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#3: Reclaimed Fence Wood Picture Frames

Add something extra special to your photographed memories with a DIY reclaimed wood frame! Depending on the image you’re planning to frame, you may want to add some paint, but that all depends on your style. Handmade reclaimed wood frames make excellent gifts, especially if the recipient cares about repurposing materials! These are just a few photos to get you feeling crafty:

reclaimed fence wood pictures frames

reclaimed fence wood pictures frame beachy

reclaimed fence wood pictures frame

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#4: Reclaimed Fence Wood Garden Planters

Put your reclaimed fence wood back into nature where it belongs by letting it support the growth of other plants! My husband built us a raised garden bed out of fence wood this year, and it’s been a nonstop conversation starter with visitors. When your garden bed has a history, it looks much more natural than those made with brand new store-bought lumber. Here are some photos to get your creativity (and hopefully your green thumb) flowing!

reclaimed fence wood planter box

reclaimed fence wood planter box garden

reclaimed fence wood tall planter box

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#5: Reclaimed Fence Wood House Number Signs

Front door areas are often overlooked, even by those of us who care deeply about design! You can easily add some upscale curb appeal to your entrance with a simple DIY house number sign. These house number sign projects require less time and fewer materials (just grab yourself some metal numbers on Etsy!) than some of the previously mentioned ideas, so this might be a good place to start if you’re a beginner! Take some inspiration from these images to make your house look more like a home:

reclaimed fence wood rustic house numbers

reclaimed fence wood house number

reclaimed fence wood house numbers

Order your affordable, eco-friendly, reclaimed fence wood here!

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